Family Focus: A Review of “Family Feud”

I watched “Family Feud” an 8 or 9 minute movie/video by Beyonce and Jay-Z.  I loved it!  I was mostly enamored by the visual food offered in the form of projecting our children into the future. Blu Ivy was depicted as a beautiful, courageous, compassionate, natural haired “founding mother” of the United States. Hair, hair oh… Continue reading Family Focus: A Review of “Family Feud”

Its All Over NOW!!! or The Recipe for WORLD Peace

As a child there was this idea about the “End of the world.” (Insert 3 dramatic piano cords and a very baritone “dum dum dumm.”)   It was a looming and ephemeral fear that probably came from a few epic movies and childhood cartoons. Then that fear turned into the whole Y2K thing… The first… Continue reading Its All Over NOW!!! or The Recipe for WORLD Peace

A Blessing to Share With You

My beautiful brown flower child recently turned 3.  We had a lovely pink and gold themed party at the house. Our family and friends came and they filled the house to the brim with love. The children ranged in age from newborns to teenagers. The adults were scientists, dancers, social workers, event planners, healers, bankers,… Continue reading A Blessing to Share With You


THIS is a lie. This is watering down American history. Some people from Africa were kidnapped and enslaved… The entire idea of calling kidnapped and enslaved people “workers”  is disturbing. There is always balance. I was in the supermarket picking up some dinner when I heard the store owners son say, “…he’s the Real McCoy.”… Continue reading THIS…