Moving in Purpose is Making Love

Today was full. Open eyes. Meditate and pray.  Pillow talk. Get my beautiful brown flower child ready for school. Make her favorite breakfast a pot spoonful of yellow grits and fried plantain with eggs like auntie Vu. Finish cornrow plaits from last night. Luckily, these will keep for a full week. Off to sweat cleanse and facilitate my physical healing. Hot yoga for two hours and a power meeting with a mentor. A  friend and visionary. Then project and event planning for the corporation. Check list stuff. Check. Check. Check,. Then the checklist that cherry blossoms into  more checklists that pour out like ghetto ancestral rituals. Then one errand and another pick up the child. We read and write, she asks “What does prioritize mean?” and I get a small token of being on the right path because after my succinct explanation she says in her four year old voice “oh, like a pattern” and I am both floored and inspired by her level of cognition.  Then artist think tank. Then behind the camera with my beautiful brown flower child that insists on being hoisted upon my hip. 2016-11-21-20-32-11While her hugs were sweet they interfered with the feedback of my  mike. Take one. Take two. No take three. I teach her what the lights are for, the purpose of the mic, how to use her light and stay on topic. Well stay on topic I’m not so sure she full grasps but …Note to self that will be for another day…This is the flow. This is my Artist Mommy Life. This moving in purpose is making love.


Why the hell else would I be doing all of this? I could be on the beach in Greece. I do this because we are living a divine purpose blind to the tapestry of our unfolding universe. We can’t stop won’t stop like an old Puffy song. We do this for the loves of our lives. So that they can continue the legacies that were placed in our palms. Continue the expression of balancing justice and grace. (I might have named my fraternal twins right there…lol jk)

Onward…from my heart to yours…


Tunu the Artist Mommy




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